Girl, Enjoy your singleness II!

Picking up right where we left off with some tips to enjoy your singleness... Choose a day weekly and take yourself out on a date. Yeah, you heard me right. Take your fine self out. Pick a great seat and have a meal by yourself with a book or a movie. Now, I would like to assume that like me you like quiet places (coffee shops or restaurants). Do your research and find places that are not so crowded and enjoy your own company. Some of you have never considered this probably because you don’t know if you like being in your own company. But question is if you don’t like your own company, who

Girl, Enjoy your singleness!

​Hey you, I know it's been a while. Sorry I have been M.I.A here but I am back! I got inspired. This past Saturday, a friend of mine asked me something really interesting and worth a discussion. “How do you do the single life? Teach me.” I was happy to share with her what has worked for me. Getting to the point where I truly enjoy singleness took a bit of time. But here we are and I think there are more ladies who might want to get some tips on this. It can be quite interesting to readjust to a single life when you had planned to be with someone for the long haul(Try for forever). I am going

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