Adulting & Friendships II

Continuation.... Admiration. The Bible says Jonathan hearing about David’s Victory over Goliath was impressed and developed an admiration for him. Yeah there is no way to sugar coat this, you either admire something about your friend(s) or not. Human beings are drawn to greatness. This is why if you search for athletes on Instagram or other platforms, you’ll see that they have millions of followers. I’m not saying your friend has to be an athlete but there has to be a pull effect you have towards them. Something that gives you the desire to be their friend. It could be their positive outlook

Adulting & Friendships I

Firstly, apologies! I have been MIA. Been adapting to the different changes in my life but I am back and ready to roll and eager to share some of the things I have been pondering on during my time away. One of them is friendships! I love friendships, I mean who doesn’t?! Everyone needs relationship or friendships in life. But I think with all the different changes that happen at the various stages or seasons in our lives, it becomes very obvious that not all our friends can transcend through it all with us. The one thing that makes me admire friendships so much is the thought that there is

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