The Husband Journal

I have been writing to you for a while. Actually, I have written some little notes in my journal that I hope you get to read some day. I have been praying for you and our future children. I think that’s part of the preparation process but also really my way of letting God know that I want nothing but His will done for my life…Yes even in my love life. I haven’t always put God first in my past relationships and boy oh boy have I learnt some hard lessons!! Last year, I decided to allow God to really be the number one priority in my life and here we are. He has led me to pray for you. So here we

Living In The Moment

This is something I didn’t think I would write about this soon. Not because it’s irrelevant in any way because believe me, it is not. It's just that sometimes life just happens and we kind of drift from our own bodies and start to look back on ourselves as second or third parties, for lack of a better expression. During lunch last Sunday, I posed a question to my family… “Hey guys, do you think that there are things that people who are out of our family circle would say about any of us and we’d be utterly in shock of how so differently they get to experience us?” I didn’t ask this because I

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