Lessons from the DFWP II

He also said another thing that tickled me, he said that he has made it a habit to buy his wife of 20 years (What a blessing first of all!) an excellent gift(s), flowers etc every time he is not HAPPY with her. Whattttt????!!!!!😮 I can tell you this much, for most of us when we are angry, buying our significant other a gift is the furthest thing from our minds. But that is what conforming looks like! Jesus exchanged our lives for His on the cross even when we did not deserve it. The Bible says Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church- What did Christ do- He gave us something we don

Lessons from The Dear Future Wifey Podcast

I have procrastinated a lot with this post but better late than never, right? This is one of the things that I made a habit of in 2022 and I am still grateful for; The Dear Future Wifey Podcast. So just a small back story. Towards the end of 2021, I discovered one of the most amazing podcasts which has become a staple in my life. The Dear Future Wifey Podcast is hosted by Laterras R. Whitfield who gets to interview so many individuals who are in line with the purpose of this particular podcast. What is the purpose of DFWP you might ask…to Journey with Him (Laterras R. Whitfield) as he

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