Let's Talk About Sex Part II

Moving forward from Part 1.... At the same time, me knowing what sexual immorality can do to you and keeping quiet about it is like this analogy perfectly explained by China Mcclain in one of her videos on Instagram. It was a different context but it suits this quite well too. Two best friends are painting in the house. One of them gets tired and wants some fresh air so she picks her dog and heads to the backyard to catch some fresh air. She opens the door and steps out only to spot a huge snake in the grass. She grabs the dog and quickly heads back into the house and does not say a thing to

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!

​​​​​Don’t we all love to talk about it? I know someone is going to say no, well, let me speak for myself. I do love to talk about it. I'm pretty sure you have had a conversation about sex too before. My perception of sex has not always been what it is now, which is the Biblical context. Sex within covenant. I am so grateful for this realization. Like I said my mindset was not always like this. Let’s reel it back a little bit. I didn't have so many comprehensive conversations about sex growing up. All I knew was that I was not supposed to indulge mainly because the Bible said so. And then

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