Discovering Your Personal Style II

Picking up right where we stopped... The Little Black/White Dress. This is the dress that you wear and you know necks are going to be breaking! L.O.L. When I say little, it does not mean that this dress should be indecent in any way. This dress white or black though I personally prefer black (because duh! Black is magic) will fit your body in all the right places. It does not have to be tight or loose. It just depends on the person wearing it and how they feel. The feeling that you get is supposed to be, “I look like a million bucks and you can’t tell me nothing, Period!” it is usually knee

Discovering Your Personal Style

Hey lovely people….Happy New Month! I hope the first half of the year has been good to you and is starting to yield some fruit. However if this is not your tale, God keeps giving us grace and chances to do better. He always causes us to triumph so hang in there and keep doing your best, consistently. I have been wanting to write an article about personal style for such a long time now. My personal style journey has come a really long way. I remember being a little girl and loving certain pieces of my clothing more than others but at that age really, what I wore was mostly picked out by either

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