The Husband Journal

Lynn Amanyire
  Mar. 29, 2021

I have been writing to you for a while. Actually, I have written some little notes in my journal that I hope you get to read some day. I have been praying for you and our future children. I think that’s part of the preparation process but also really my way of letting God know that I want nothing but His will done for my life…Yes even in my love life. I haven’t always put God first in my past relationships and boy oh boy have I learnt some hard lessons!! Last year, I decided to allow God to really be the number one priority in my life and here we are. He has led me to pray for you. So here we go…

I pray that whatever season you are in at this very moment in your life, God shines His light upon you. I pray that you have found Christ and that He is the most important person in your life. I pray that you have the urge to be accountable to Him first before anyone else. I pray that you have allowed the Helper (the Holy Spirit) to help you with your day to day decision making before He introduces me to you, your helper. (See what I did there? Okay)

I pray that you desire to be a leader and an amazing husband in your future (I hope it’s the near future L.O.L). I also pray that you are very deliberate about your quiet time with God and are serving in your church community or at least desire to. If you are really my husband then these expectations should not raise your eyebrows. I pray that you have read Ephesians 5 and have taken heed to what Apostle Paul encourages husbands to do and how they should love their wives sacrificially like Christ loves the Church (His bride). I pray that you tithe and are generous to those around you. In case you are wondering if I’m endeavoring to do everything I expect of you then Yes, and for those that I’m not doing at the moment, I am working on, so help me God.

I know that God is preparing you to lead me in all aspects and I am grateful for that because He designed me to be your helper. I am a strong woman and at times I can be hard headed but know that there isn’t any part of me that wants to emasculate you. I pray that God continues to cultivate in me a quiet and gentle spirit so that I am able to follow your lead, (Submission takes a lot of strength). I know that because this is a partnership, you will often ask for my counsel and I will gladly give it and when we agree to disagree, I pray God gives us both the compulsion and strength to speak to each other kindly and respectfully. I hope wherever you are, you are learning to manage your anger, I take walks to calm down and sometimes cacoon. I can’t wait to find out your tricks.

Communication. I pray that you are a man that is in touch with his emotional side and is able to articulate his feelings well. You will bring clarity in my life and not chaos or confusion. I pray that you have been healed from any childhood trauma if any and that you have had some great examples of great communicators in your life whether its your parents/guardians or mentors. I pray that you are hilarious. One of the best things God has given me all my life is laughter and I pray that I will laugh with you until all our hair greys. Laughter is food for the soul. I pray my silly jokes will suffice. I am pretty sure we’ll be laughing till neither of us can breathe.

As much as I know communication involves having uncomfortable conversations about money, sex, investment, how to raise our children, how to keep our romance candle burning, et cetera, I pray that we will gladly have those conversations. Like I prayed earlier, I hope that the Holy Spirit enables us to communicate in the kindest and most loving ways. I also pray that you have a great relationship with your nuclear family. I know how difficult it can be to have complicated relationships with siblings or parents and I pray that God straightens whatever is crooked and brings peace that surpasses all human understanding to your heart. I pray you have friends that are walking the same path you are and encourage you to walk strongly in the Lord.

I pray for success upon your life. I decree and declare that you are a head and not a tail, you are above and not below and that everything you touch is blessed by the Lord. I pray that you are of noble character and that you are wealthy; physically, mentally and spiritually. I pray that you are a good steward of the gifts God entrusted you with and that you use those gifts to bless others and serve diligently. I pray God expands your territories my love and I pray that your name will be honored and known among great men.


I pray that you are a loving and amazing father. I pray that God cultivates in you a deep love for your children. I pray that you will be the kind of father who is completely smitten by his little girl and a loving father to our son(s) hehe I hope you are gauging what number I have in mind. I pray that we will give our children experiences I never got the chance to have like taking our daughter to her first date and teaching our son how to ride a bicycle and swim. PS I can't do either so😅 I can already envision it; your parenting is going to be exceptional. I pray that God gives you the grace to father our kids the way He fathers you.

The King in you…. I pray that the King in you will awaken and be filled with favor. I pray that every time I speak to you, you will know how much I value your presence and dedication to our family. I pray that I will be more forgiving to you than I have been until this moment, because I know we are going to have a long and healthy life together. I pray that the obstacles which we face, I know they will be plenty will draw us closer together. I pray that with me you will always find peace and a place to call home. I pray that the woman God is molding me into will fit the vision and purpose He has for your life and that we will live a purposeful life. I pray that our marriage will make others desire Godly Kingdom marriages, I pray that our marriage will bring people to Christ and that our children will grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God and be disciples of our Father in heaven.

So, I feel like I have talked about most of the important things except your physique. Yep, I pray that you are great looking and that I’m inexplicably attracted to you. I was listening to a podcast recently and one of the hosts said that if it’s not hard for you to stay sexually pure with your partner, then there is a problem. I pray that you are staying fit and healthy, taking great care of your temple. I pray that in this moment, if you are suffering from any sort of ailment, that you are healed in Jesus’ name. I pray that you are healthy from your head right down to your very feet. I pray that you take care of your hygiene and are well groomed. I pray that you pay attention to what you wear not in a vain way but in a great representation of how a Winning King should look like; mind, body and soul.

Oh, and before I forget I pray that like me you are determined to break free from generational cycles like sexual immorality, witchcraft, polygamy, unfaithfulness, barrenness, poverty, the spirit of mammon and so many others. I have resolved that none of these will be crossing into our lineage and the devil already knows he has no bearing in our lives and those of our children. Nothing of the sort has space in our lives and we shall live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

That being said, I can’t wait to experience true unconditional love, I can’t wait to make you countless delicious meals, tie your tie, travel the world with you, get pregnant with you( oh well), serve you in every single way, kiss you good day every morning (yep, so help me God), serve the Body of Christ with you, laugh with you, make you take endless pictures of us, get mad and make up with you, go to church with you, dance salsa with you, lay my head on you, go to war for Christ with you, celebrate you, encourage you, listen to great music with you and oh, so that Ford I know I’m going to get…oh yeah take sunset rides in that with our babies in the back or just us two, go for adventures with you oh hope to God I never touch a door knob/handle or pull my own chair because you my king are going to be mad chivalrous. 

Are we going to talk about how mind-blowing covenant sex is going to be? No? Not today? Okay😂 shhhh!!Let's not tell them yet

I should definitely stop here because my jazz never ends but really, I pray that you are well, happy and thriving wherever you are until I decide to write you another letter because God and you are making me wait. I love you king. Later, babe. 


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